The Process

At your consultation appointment, we want to hear and see what is working and what is not working in your space. That’s when we will begin to understand your needs and create customized solutions for you.

On the first day of the project, we will begin by sorting and removing the clutter.  If you are working alongside us, we will walk you through the process of deciding what to keep, donate, or discard.

When the sorting and purging process is complete (this could take several sessions), we will begin the organizing process.  Once we know what is going to stay in the space, we can use your existing items to store and organize, or make product recommendations. We can work side by side with you, or take the reigns and give you a big reveal. Ta-Da!

Hands-On Service Packages


Decluttering & Organizing

Working with you or on our own, we transform your space from cluttered to functional. If you are about move, we will declutter your home so you can save money on packing supplies and storage for items that you no longer need.



After Your Move

Let us take the stress out of moving by being there for you when the boxes arrive at your new home. We will direct the movers  and begin unpacking so you start off organized from the get-go and feel settled and cozy much faster!


our service includes:   

  • Recommending and shopping for storage & organizational items (think baskets, bins, and folders).
  • Scheduling appointments with additional service professionals.
  • Taking items to consignment or recycling centers.
  • Delivering items to donation centers. 
  • Hauling away trash after your sessions. 


1 session (3 hours): $195

Package Discounts:

4 sessions at 10% off: $702 (save $78)

8 sessions at 20% off: $1,248 (save $312)

12 sessions at 25% off: $1,755 (save $585)

24 sessions at 30% off: $3,276 (save $1,404)